Fewell Monument Bird

photo credit: Kendrah Burns

The mystery story behind our beloved Fewell Monument Bird has always piqued people’s minds. Several people around here say it’s a chicken. But atlas, it’s a bird no matter what. Terry Fewell came up with the idea of having a bird set on the corner of our building. He wanted to raise eyebrows and curiosity to our company. He coined the inscription of “Your Imagination, Our ability”  The bird was bought at the MBNA convention in the year of 1998.

During the holiday season, it was adorned with antlers, a red nose, and garland draped around it. At a time of grief, it wore a beautiful garland wreath to commemorate Terry Fewell’s passing.  The bird is also widely known as the town’s marker for directions as well.

If Fewell Monument will ever get an opportunity to have a company baseball team, we will most definitely use this bird as our mascot!




Memorial Day Schedule

Future Fewell Monument Plant

Work is underway at the new Fewell Monument plant at Scottsburg, IN! We are thrilled that we’re getting a lot more space, resources, and a better floor plan. Right now we’re housed separately as an office and production floor. This great opportunity will make us better as a whole company in one big location. Check out our Fewell Monument Facebook page for more photos of our new workplace!

Design Tools Issues

If you are a Design Tools user you may have received an email regarding your credit card not processing. We’ve been hard at work on the problem and we expect that it will be completely cleared up by the end of the day.

The problem has been in a change with our 3rd party credit card processor and isn’t a problem with any customer card. You should be able to access Design Tools as you normally would and we do not anticipate any interruption of service.

Design Tools Guide

If you’ve run across a question on how to do something in Design Tools, we’ve got just the time for you! You can click here and download the Design Tools Guide. This is a step-by-step reference guide to help you do anything you need to do within Design Tools. In the next few weeks, we will be sharing some tips from the guide here on the blog.

New Design Tools Search Feature

One of the great things about Design Tools is the ability for you to access our extensive art libraries to help your customer design their custom monument. The downside has been that it can take a lot of time to dig through everything to find the right design element. We’re happy to announce that we have taken a huge step in making things much easier to find.

Introducing our new Search Feature!

Here’s how it works:

  • - Click on Add Art
  • - In the top right corner you’ll see the Search box
  • - In the Search box you can type keywords or the name of a design if you’ve gotten it from a brochure or the Web site.
  • - Hit Enter or click the magnifying glass icon and your results will be displayed for you to choose from.